Post Election Blues

Reading this yesterday, it makes way more sense today after the election.   The writers at really have something going for them that appeals to me.  I am reposting this bit:

Still, if you insist on voting, you’d better hope Obama wins the election.

[Yep. You read that correctly. We’ll pause and let that one sink in for a bit. And then we’ll check with Andrea, our customer service director, to see how fast the e-mail box is filling up with right-wing hate mail.]

Now that you’re back in your chair and hopefully without your finger on the delete” key… hear us out.

With Obama you know what you’re going to get. He’s a guy who believes in his heart (and his errr… your wallet) that government is not only the solution to all your problems, but the source of all your good fortune.

We couldn’t disagree more.

But at least with Obama we know what we’re dealing with. You can look at the headlines every morning and see what government policies have wrought around the globe. Indeed, we spend most of our time calculating the destruction in the 5. The destruction of your savings, your opportunities, your future.

The sooner Obamas policies fail completely (which, a quick tour of history tells us they will) and the charade is ended, the sooner we can get back to the core principles of private enterprise, capital accumulation, investment and cooperation… you know, those small ideas that helped create the most prosperous society in human history. It’s only after the current political environment burns out that these ideas can rise again.

So, by all means, bring it on.

If you think Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are going to step up and restore these values by virtue of gaining the White House, we think you’re making a big mistake. Romney is a panacea. Republicans only want to point the gun at someone else.

If Obama wins, you and I – we -will be forced to make the argument for prosperity through economic freedom and civil liberties to a much wider audience than the 6% voting block currently being targeted by the Republican minority. That’s an argument we believe will eventually prevail. But not before this silly election is over…

In Agora Financial we have a saying “fail quickly,” but learn from mistakes”. The sooner the political elite fail, the sooner we can get back to the business of improyourving our lives, without them.


Addison Wiggin,

The 5 Min. Forecast


~ by matttschwartz on November 7, 2012.

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