rm -rf /

I suck at computers.

The network drive after 9 years died.  Last month I copied everything to a new network drive, a sleek little Seagate Black Armor NAS, with Raid 1.  The old network, a Linksys NAS with a drive and a empty second bay.

So we lost everything, other than what I had copied.  I was given the task of upgrading the network, purchased it, copied the old drive, and waited for them to give me the go ahead to move everyone over to the new drive.  And waited, and waited, and waited some more, and 3 weeks go by and I remind them that I am waiting.

Then the old drive dies, completely.  I copied everything, but I wasn’t sure what all I had.  I feel bad cause I though I didn’t grab Quickbooks, but I did, it was in the Public folder.  It was  3 weeks old but contained the past 5 years of accounting.  I was telling them that we needed the old drive cause I didn’t copy Quickbooks, and there is was, sitting there in the /QB Data directory.  Fuck, I don’t use the damn software.

So the company spend $4,000 to recover the old drive, emergency services, shipped to a clean room and recovered everything.  Was it necessary, probably not, could have just told them that the lost the past 3 weeks of Quickbooks and to move on from there.  But I didn’t know that, cause I didn’t look.  It isn’t my job really to run all the networking and know how everything has to work, but somehow I have to.  I didn’t have to write the check, but I could have done a better job at that, if I had just thought about it a little more.

Anyway, I’ve determined that I pretty much suck at computers, better at it by far than anyone here, but still, I suck.  I want to backup the NAS to my local hard drive weekly, but I have no idea how to make everything copy from the old drive to the new drive without manually doing it.  I am pretty good at CAD though, if only there was more of that work here to keep me busy.


~ by matttschwartz on November 16, 2012.

One Response to “rm -rf /”

  1. Bvckup, this program is pretty handy. Can’t do an entire drive letter, but can do individual folders.

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