Rangers vs Astros

Rangers Astros

That was the scene last night. Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish winding up his pitch right before Marwin Gonzalez busts his perfect game with 2 outs in the 9th inning. Jose Altuve hits another single off of the relief pitcher moving Marwin to 3rd before the final out.

The night I was married.  The day I proposed to my wife.  Those are the best days.  This one was up there though.  The energy was crazy.  Right before the 9th inning, there was an ominous thunder roll, the first heard all night.  Something was going to happen but nobody knew what it was.

Emotions were high.  I told the guy in the row in front of me in my line of sight to the batter, seen as the guy wearing the red shirt to sit down.  This was in the 7th, when only him kept standing through the plays.  I didn’t do it politely.  I believe the noun used was “dipshit”.  “Hey dipshit, sit down.  Other people are trying to watch the game”.  He was a douche, him and another person early 20s wearing Boston, having a pointless argument over who was the better team.  I didn’t see his face, but Andrew did.  The moment the play was over and everyone realized that Yu Darvish perfect game had been ended with 2outs in the bottom of the ninth.  I was too busy cheering, laughing, and crying from cheering and laughing.

Darvish Almost PerfectLet’s put the undeniable fact that Darvish’s performance was beyond excellent.  And that the Astros were squarely beaten and outplayed.  Strictly from the fan standpoint, the game was a loss if you were a Rangers fan.  You left the stadium feeling defeated.  The amazing performance wasn’t perfect.  Perfect has only happened 24 times.  The video board displayed a clip from Mike Scott’s perfect game in 1986 that clinched the NL West in the beginning of the 9th.

I would have found it just as amazing as if he did pitch the perfect game.  But the boisterous and obnoxious fans taunting and standing throughout the game put me in a foul mood.  Foul mood, get it?  So when the tension final broke, I was relieved.  Relieved isn’t a strong enough word.  I was euphoric.

We walked from the stadium in freshly rain soaked streets.  It wasn’t raining then but lightning streaked down from the clouds briefly leaving sparks behind after each flash.  We chatted with strangers, fans of both teams who were just as excited as we were.  We turned a corner and spied a yellow neon lit sign that said “Shot Bar” outside a watering hole.  We decided to cross and step inside to have a drink to calm ourselves.

We had a friendly chat with the doorman who was from a town in Mississippi just south of Memphis where my buddy Andrew is from.  We sat down and no sooner than we sat down and were served a shot a beer that then rain started to come down hard.  The wind whipped around the trees as the rain poured and we stated that we were fortunate to not have gone to the car and been caught driving in the storm.

We laughed and talked sports and life.  The lights went out.  A few times.  They always came back on but knocked out the reception on all the tvs.  The jukebox came back on quickly, but I don’t remember what it was playing.  It wasn’t playing Alman Brothers, but that is what we were singing cause Andrew seemed like the “Rambling Man”.


~ by matttschwartz on April 3, 2013.

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