Frozen Music

Skyscrapersa Phunk Phonic University Project

So my idea for the architecture project was that there was two types of architecture.  You have what you think of when someone says the word architecture.  Something artful.  Like if you were an architect you would make something like this.  It is all very carefully planned.

The second idea took in what architecture really is, which is just buildings.  This encompasses something that might be considered ugly.  It was just raw building.  So places like the slums, alleys and refineries really stood out as pictures representing this style.

I am more partial to the second one cause I feel that is more what I can do by profession.  Routing pipe is like routing wires, it is the necessary components to something like a beautiful office or home.  Underneath the walls and wood is wires, pipes, nails, and structural elements.

So the first collection is called Skyscrapers and the second one I am calling Countryside and Slums.

This also really reminded me of Simcity.  So I am also making a sorta game out of this, to keep people interested and if they liked the music I am bringing them it is an opportunity to get more of that.


~ by matttschwartz on April 5, 2013.

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