Insomniacs Club for the minds that won’t shut up

I want to sleep.  But there are things going on in my head.  Quick, grab some booze and shut them up!

Where was I.  Perhaps I should go back and read some rantings.

Oh wow!  That was some amusing shit.  I certainly wasn’t in a good place then.  I am now, but regardless, I still have things going on in my head.  It was some work related shit that kept me awake, but I am not going to write about that.  That is horrible prose.  Unless you have some ridiculously cool job, like your a cop, or a robber, or a fireman, or an Indian chief.  If you work with computer your thoughts on that might be interesting to other dorks, but that is not for tonight.

Perhaps I came unprepared.  I had plenty of things, not just work things while I laid awake in bed for the past hour.  And as I sip on this glass of wine and think about what to say, I have nothing.  Perhaps I should just boot up a mindless video game.

Now the eyelids start to fall.  Just as I commit to being unable to sleep and to do something productive with it.  Figures!

Starting the score to GTA-V.  Was looking for DJ Shadow at work today and saw he was listed as an artist under the music score Vol. 2.  Can’t find Vol. 1.  But it is fantastic.  Environmental DJ Shadow, fuck yeah!

So at work tomorrow I am going to level with this girl I work with, she is kinda my employee.  I taught her AutoCAD.  I also installed tracking software on her machine this morning.  That isn’t ethical though.  I would be pissed if someone did that to me.  I did it as an experiment.  Perhaps I should explain for my non-existent audience, tracking software provides data on everything you do on your computer.  I am concerned with time spent in AutoCAD documents, but I could log anything including mouse clicks and keystrokes.  This led me to the realization that once my children come of an age where they are using the computers to play games and talk to friends, they won’t be able to get away with shit.  I will know everything.  I am sure in the next 10 years I can have it on their smartphone too although I am quite sure that is already offered although I have never looked into it.  You hear that hypothetical future children?  You aren’t going to be able to pull shit on me unless I start to loose my game!  Don’t count on me loosing game; count on me only improving!

That sounded terrible, but it was true.  I miss weed.  We had some good times.  Just you and me and some video games.  Ah well, I guess we all grow up.  And those of those that don’t have to, those of us that are high functioning alcoholics or potheads; I envy you.  I’ve fought all I can to convince myself and my wife that I can be among you, but she cannot see it that way.  I certainly can, but I overextend myself.  I am doing it now, however at least tonight is the exception rather than the standard.

I could probably sleep now, but I have a half-glass of wine and I’ve already committed.  Is the font too small?  It could be bigger, but did you know you can zoom with most browsers by holding the CTRL key and using the mouse wheel?  I hope so.

There could be some bitching and whining here. Let’s see if there is anyone on Facebook to talk to.  Nope, but fuck it. I am done.


~ by matttschwartz on September 26, 2013.

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