Football and what I’ve learned about the Unitarians

This brief dialogue will summarize my feelings over the Texans getting pummeled earlier tonight by the 49’ers.  It takes place between a co-worker of mine who is a fan of LSU, the Saints, and also the 49ers:

Coonass: Ur Qb has no confidence now hes done.

Me: If I ever need to know how to cook something I ran over or how to tie knots when hanging a nigger from my tree, I will be sure to get your input. Obvious understatements about football will remain unrequested.

Coonass: Somebody is mad!

That pretty much sums it up.   I will say no more.

I again attended a Unitarian church today in Arlington, TX.  It was a nice church, filled with nice folks.  Unitarians tend to cater to older folks, who some look like they might be homeless, or retired hippie-burn-outs.  The younger kids are primarily the outcast types as well.  I don’t have a problem with that.  In fact, I tend to enjoy those type over the pretty jocks who constantly smile and are a little too happy.  This is merely an observation. They hold sacred the values of being a good person.  There is nothing wrong with this, but you might say it lacks the supernatural element of most religions in that you could almost consider it more of a lifestyle choice than an actual religion in that the principles while noble, wouldn’t necessarily conflict with the beliefs of any religion.That is what is lacking in a Unitarian church.  Although, they are mostly nice and smart people and fun to be around, they lack the supernatural element of most other religions.  To many I suppose that is the appeal of Unitarianism.  There isn’t anything there that you don’t want.  You are free to believe as you want to believe, as long as it doesn’t demean anyone else.  For the control freaks, this is a safe place for them.  There is no unseen deity to judge them or tell them how they should be living their lives.  For me, I miss the supernatural.  I want something bigger than myself, and everyone else, and science, and this planet.While there is nothing wrong with the people I meet in a Unitarian Universalist Church, I am unable to find inspiration.  To me, I find inspiration in someone that might be an old black and Baptist woman from the South.   Someone that is on fire with their faith.  It may be blind and sometimes misplaced, but to me people like that have something that I wish I could have.  I want to have that everything I say and everything I do is inspired by my faith in God or Jesus.  I envy that aspect.  Sometimes those people are judgmental, and I like who I am in that respect.   I think I am very good at not judging people from appearances, or beliefs, or anything other than their words and actions.  I mostly forgive ignorance or sheer stupidity.  The only example I can think of right now is someone who is cruel to animals.  That is something where I can quickly find contempt for someone should I observe someone mistreating an animal.  Or someone who would abuse a woman.  Such things, I have no tolerance for.

For the most part though I accept people.  People that are kind and humble I am drawn to.  And sometimes I seem arrogant, but I know that is a deep seeded defense mechanism from my childhood where there were times that I felt like I was a freak and had nobody that was like me.  I frequently boast, but I always have it seated in that comedic element were it is ironic that I would mention myself as being talented, smart, or handsome.  Honest compliments I am humbled by, and I don’t have anything more than a healthy ego that is above self-loathing but beneath any true form of arrogance.

It isn’t me that needs faith right now as much as my wife does.  I will continue to attend church with the UUs and perhaps I might discover more from them.  As long as my wife is inspired from them then I will support that and be present to support her.  Faith comes in small steps and not giant leaps.


~ by matttschwartz on October 9, 2013.

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