Divorce and drinks afterwards

The big D! That’s me!  That’s totally not me, but right now it is me and I need to own it.
After much consideration, and some booze, and some pot, and then more booze, that I should withdraw from this fight.

I never was going to win, I was just in it because it was in front of me.

I should have walked away and left it alone.

When it itches I have to scratch it.

I’ve seen the blood moon. I’ve seen people dying. It is just arrogant prophecy. It is silly really cause we are so much smarter.

When you stop living for yourself, you can find something greater

I’ve lied and I’ve changed, I’ve been every bit a human

But my salvation is in something I want to understand

but I can’t, it is bigger, it is stronger, I am clay and not the maker.

This world might end, or it might not, but I will first

it is going to be interesting, or continue to be interesting

don’t get too comfortable, because it will change

don’t get bitter, get mad, but let it flow through you

don’t let it consume you, give it up

you’re going to make it

you’re a good person


~ by matttschwartz on September 16, 2015.

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