New Yearly Update

Okay, let’s not kid ourselves. I am not a social media person. I am a early millennial as they call it and I had to spellcheck. But I have always exposed myself through internet blogs that hopefully nobody ever reads. It is a funky irony that something that goes into cyberspace might die on some unread server. But we are the new generation. Our footprint is eternal! Our bucket-loads of selfies, and stories, and moments, and status updates.

Let’s update things.  You are no doubt wondering what the hell happened in the past year. 2015 sucked.  Grandpa Frank past away Dec. 31st 2014 and I started the year flying into Chicago, during a fucking blizzard, to bury my Dad’s dad. I only mention this for one reason, to set the tone for the rest of the shit.

Grandpa Schwartz was not something that anyone else in my family remembers as I do. My fathers remembers him as someone with a strong work ethic, something he instilled in his children. I don’t know what you think about me, but Amanda definitely exemplifies this behavior. I hack it alright.

And since this is the honesty blog, Grandma Schwartz is a total bitch. If she ever reads this, I only hope she wears the badge with pride. There is something in someone’s discontent that brings us all up to be better people. I am going to cut this short right now cause this is something that I can’t paragraph.

Uncle Mike is something you can’t paragraph either. He passed away mid 2015 in the summer, or it might have been the spring. I want to tell one story about Mike.

Mike and me are buddies. I have always liked Mike and resembled him in many ways. Funny how genetics draws these values. So in Arizona, in the retirement community of Sun City, we would go visit Grandma. Grandma was sweet like grandmas are but I want to expose her flaws for the purpose of entertainment. Not cause I didn’t love her, or that she was any better or worse than any other Grandma. But her breath was horrendous. She smoked through the 40s and even though she hadn’t smoked a cigarette in years, the ones that she did smoke stained her eternal bad breath. If you had a good lemon bar, you could mask or with stain the onslaught of funky aroma.

This is where the comedy ends. It ends at 2 people dying that I loved dearly. Their joy will always be remembered. Their spirit will always be with me, cause they are part of me and as long as I am living they will not be forgotten. I have to go into a dark place. It is something I don’t understand but I want to give the facts as I understand them.

Meara and me are divorced as of Dec. 3rd, 2015. We were married for 4 years, and between sometime in July or August of 2015 we decided that we needed to discontinue our marriage over personal differences. Let’s leave it just right there, because it is vague enough to explain some things but not some things.

But this is a blog, and it is eternal. It will live in cyberspace forever! So exposing something might juice it up? But sadly, this isn’t a drama, it is real life. We die, but there is something to look forward to.  I don’t know what it is, but I am looking forward to having this question answered. I hope we don’t die like dust. I hope we shine, until the universe ends.  Goodnight endless universe!


~ by matttschwartz on January 13, 2016.

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